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Scorpions Rising.
Scorpions Sirius.

File Size (Mbyte) Date/time Length (Hour, Min, Sec) Bitrate (kbps) Channel (mono/stereo) Sampling frequency
Scorpions.mp3 3.900.08.13 03:46:000:04:09128S44
Bon Jovi.mp3 5.800.08.13 03:55:000:06:06128S44
Gabriellas Sang.mp3 5.300.08.13 03:53:000:05:37128S44
Yoshidabrothers.mp3 03:52:000:03:24128S44
Buckethead.mp3 5.300.08.13 03:47:000:05:34128S44
Cheb Snouci.mp3 03:48:000:07:33128S44
Khalbali.mp3 03:48:000:04:25128S44
Rammstein Du Hast.mp3 3.800.08.13 03:57:000:04:00128S44
Soniye.mp3 5.700.08.13 03:45:000:05:56128S44
Bordell Mammas Visor.mp3 8.700.08.13 03:53:000:09:07128S44
Ashita Eno Brilliant.mp3 5.600.08.13 03:49:000:05:50128S44
Hung Up.mp3 6.900.08.13 03:45:000:07:14128S44
Chambau.mp3 1.500.08.13 03:45:000:01:35128S44
Juanes Adios.mp3 3.600.08.13 03:51:000:03:46128S44
Burda Sharif.mp3 8.500.08.13 03:56:000:08:51128S44
Groovebusterz Destination.mp3 3.800.08.13 03:55:000:04:00128S44
Rasmus.mp3 5.700.08.13 03:54:000:05:58128S44
Craddle Of.mp3 3.900.08.13 03:52:000:04:09128S44
Queen.mp3 6.500.08.13 03:47:000:06:51128S44
Kobranocka.mp3 3.700.08.13 03:47:000:03:56128S44
Kosher.mp3 02:54:070:04:43 64S22
Yaro.mp3 0.901.05.23 01:38:380:01:01128S44
Aerosmith.mp3 3.803.03.11 14:36:520:03:59128S44
Nox.mp3 3.803.10.08 00:12:570:03:59128S44
Bon Jovi.mp3 7.603.04.16 04:35:16
Hands Across The Water.mp3 0.703.03.01 00:36:120:01:05 96S22

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